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Back-to-school essentials: Your comprehensive guide to must-have stationery items at Trefoil


As the new year unfolds, it’s time for parents and students alike to gear up for another exciting school year. Whether your child is stepping into a new grade or returning to familiar halls, having the right stationery supplies is essential for a successful academic journey. At Trefoil, we understand the significance of quality stationery in shaping your child’s learning experience. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of essential stationery items available at Trefoil that will equip your young learners for a year of growth and achievement:

Pencils and erasers:

The timeless pencil is a staple for note-taking and problem-solving. Trefoil offers a variety of pencil options, from classic wooden pencils to mechanical pencils for precision. Don’t forget high-quality rubbers for those inevitable mistakes.

Pens in assorted colours:

Encourage creativity and organisation with a range of pens in various colours. Whether it’s note-taking, colour-coding, or artistic flair, Trefoil has you covered.

Notebooks and paper:

Trefoil’s selection of notebooks and paper includes ruled, blank, and grid options to accommodate different subjects and learning styles. Ensure your child has enough for all their subjects.

Highlighters and markers:

These are essential for emphasising key points, annotating textbooks, and adding a touch of vibrancy to projects and presentations.

Sticky notes and page markers:

Keep things organised with Trefoil’s selection of sticky notes and page markers. They’re perfect for quick reminders, marking important pages, and fostering efficient study habits.

Rulers and geometry sets:

Whether your child is tackling geometry or needs precise measurements, Trefoil offers sturdy rulers and comprehensive geometry sets.

Scissors and glue:

These tools are not just for arts and crafts but also for practical classroom tasks. Trefoil’s scissors and glue are reliable companions for every young learner.


Older students, especially those in math and science classes, may require scientific or graphing calculators. Trefoil has a range of calculators to suit different needs.

Shopping for back-to-school stationery can be both fun and practical. With Trefoil’s wide range of high-quality stationery items, you can ensure your child is well-prepared for the upcoming school year. Visit your nearest Trefoil store or explore our online options to find everything your child needs to embark on a successful academic journey. As a trusted partner in education, Trefoil is here to support your child’s growth and achievement throughout the year. Embrace the new school year with confidence, knowing that Trefoil has all your stationery essentials covered!