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Craft Your Way to an Organised Desk with Trefoil’s DIY Stationery Organiser

In the heart of every creative soul lies the desire for a space that inspires, invigorates, and, most importantly, organises. Today, we’re thrilled to share a simple yet wonderfully effective project that will transform your cluttered desk into a haven of creativity and order. We’ll guide you through crafting a DIY stationary organiser that’s not just functional but also a charming addition to your workspace.

What You’ll Need:

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s gather our materials. You’ll be pleased to know that this project mainly requires items you probably already have, paired beautifully with some Trefoil crafting:

  1. Grafton Paper products – colour of your choice
  2. Amos Glue
  3. Donau Multi Colour Board Indexes: Two pieces cut to 7″ x 5.5″ will form the sturdy exterior of our organiser.
  4. Tower Labels: These tiny wonders are perfect for customising and categorising your stationery with stylish labels and tabs.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Create the Accordion File: Begin by folding scored 5″ x 10″ cardstock accordion-style. This will form the backbone of our organiser, allowing us to categorise and divide our stationery beautifully.
  2. Assemble the Interior: Next, adhere the 7 pieces of 6.5″ x 5″ cardstock between the two accordion-folded sections. These will act as dividers, offering you ample space to sort your stationery items.
  3. Cover the Exterior: Choose your favourite patterned paper to cover the two bookboard pieces. This is where you can let your creativity shine – pick a design that truly represents your style!
  4. Bringing It All Together: With your bookboard covered, attach these to the last piece of 6.5″ x 5″ cardstock. Then, lovingly bring the two pieces of bookboard together, forming the exterior of your organiser.
  5. Final Touches: The magic truly happens when we add personalised details. Using the labels, customise your dividers with labels that make it a breeze to categorise and find your stationery.

Customise to Your Heart’s Content:

The beauty of this project lies in its flexibility. Fancy more dividers? Simply add more accordion folds. Trefoil’s range of stamps and dies allows endless customisation, ensuring your DIY organiser is as unique as your creativity.

So, gather your Trefoil supplies, and let’s embark on this crafting journey together. Not only will you end up with a bespoke piece that adds character to your workspace, but you’ll also experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from creating something beautiful by hand.

Remember, the journey to organisation doesn’t have to be mundane. With Trefoil, it’s an opportunity to express your creativity, infuse your personality, and craft your way to a more organised life.



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