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Valentine’s Day Cards!


Do you want to spoil someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day? Effort speaks volumes – so why not try this homemade, 3D effect Valentine’s Day Card?

All you will need is:


  1. Fold your initial paper in half like a card.
  2. Take a different colour, cut out some hearts and stick them down flat.
  3. Using a different colour, cut out another heart – just smaller.
  4. Stick it down flat.
  5. Cut out another heart, fold it in half and stick the middle down on the previous heart. This heart now flaps – creating a 3D look.
  6. You can create flowers too! Use a small piece of square paper and fold it into little triangles.
  7. Cut the edges into a rounded semi-circle to look like a petal, now open it! You’ll see the flower.
  8. Trim down one of the folds to stick the petals together and give it a bent effect to make it easier to stick to your card!