About Trefoil

Company Profile

Trefoil was first established in 1947 by two Catholic Priests.

The company crest was, and remains, the Irish Clover of Shamrock, symbolising faith, hope and love.

The company was restructured in 1994 by current management and today operates from privately owned premises in Crown Mines Extension 4, Johannesburg. Trefoil is very proud of the fact that the company has grown and established itself as a player in the office products industry in Southern Africa in the new democratic South Africa.

The premises consist of one modern factory and three high technology distribution warehouses. Gauteng is serviced with our own fleet of vehicles and all outlying areas including cross border in Southern Africa are serviced by independent couriers.

Trefoil is a specialist manufacturer and converter, importer and wholesale distributor of office product consumables to the Stationery Trade whether commercial or retail or a combination thereof. Many well known brands are included in the product basket such as 3M, Bic, Duracell, Bostik and Pentel to mention but a few as well as ranges where Trefoil are the sole agents for overseas principals such as Adel, Amos, Draughtsman, Polyking, Schneider and Kanex.

Our value system is that we recognize the value of our human capital and our culture is such that no individual is bigger than the team. Trefoil is committed to performing at the high demanding levels expected by our customers, partnering with our suppliers, at the same time keeping abreast with the ongoing changes in technology and the office and school product consumable industries.