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DIY Popstick Monsters


Popstick monsters are a great way to keep your kids entertained and let their imaginations run wild! There are so many ways to get creative using bits and bots you have lying around in your home.

You will need:

– Dala Eve Popsticks
– Amos craft glue

– Googly eyes

– Craft paper

– Colourful craft paint

– Old straws

– Feathers

– Other bits and pieces you can to create with

Step 1: Glue together 6 popsticks next to each other to create the body of your monster. Depending on how big and the shape you want to create your monster, you can use more popsticks.

Step 2: Using your colourful craft paint, cover your popstick monster in a colour or colours your desire. Step 3: Once the paint has completely dried, now you can get fully creative using your bits and pieces. (Ideas: Place googly eyes and cut our different shaped mouths from colourful craft paper, give your monster hair using feather or straws and you can even go as far has creating your monster a funny outfit).
Step 4: Enjoy!