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Handprint Halloween Spiders


Get the kids into the Halloween spirit with their very own spider handprints. This simple project will keep the kids entertained and allow them to be creative.

You will need:


  1. Take the black piece of paper and halve it.
  2. Place your child’s hand on the black piece of paper and trace over their fingers excluding their thumbs and half of their palm. These will act as the spider’s legs – four legs on each side.
  3. Cut out the spider and place it on a flat surface. From here you can clue down the googly eyes.
  4. Taking your orange piece of paper, glue the siders you have created down, positioning them the way you would like.
  5. Create spider webs on the orange paper using black glitter glue and connect them to the spider as if the spiders are dangling from the web.
  6. Once done and the glue has completely dried, places these all around your home in light of Halloween.