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Juice Box Boats


This a great summer craft that won’t only keep the kids busy making the boats but your kids will also be excited to get outside and play with them in the sun!

What You’ll need

Method to making the Paper Boat Craft

  1. Drain the juice, from the juice box, into a cup for drinking later.
  2. Paint the boxes with colours of your choosing. You can try painting patterns too, like polka dots or stripes.
  3. While the paint dries, print out sailing flags from the internet or you can draw some triangle sails of your own. Remember to make two of the same sails so that you can stick them together, back-to-back.
  4. Cut out the sails and stick the matching sails back-to-back.
  5. Make a hole at the side of the juice box that will be the top of the boat and place the straw through the hole. Secure the straw with tape.
  6. It’s time to set sail!