Trefoil News

DIY Magazine Holder


Is your cereal in your cereal box coming to an end? Don’t throw the box away instead; use the box to make your very own personalized magazine holder. Keep organized with Trefoil. You can use this as a magazine holder or an important document holder.

    To make:
  1. Take your finished cereal box and cut out, at an angle an opening to allow easy access for your magazine and paperwork to be placed into.
  2. Lay out your wrapping paper or chosen material on a flat surface. Take your cereal box and line it with your wrapping paper.
  3. Cut your wrapping paper/material and stick it to your cut out cereal box using glue. Here you can get more creative by adding other accessories like buttons or ribbon, giving your holder a unique look.
  4. Leave the glue to dry before placing your magazines or important documents in to.
  5. Once dry, place your holder in your desired area.