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Reasons to be more organised at work with Trefoil


Research has shown that being organised can have many benefits to your health and improve your lifestyle. Here is just a brief overview of the many benefits. 

Being organised can increase your productivity. When you know where everything is, filed and labeled, it will take you less time to find important documentation. By doing this you may just find that you have more time in your day to do other things that you love. 

Being organised can boost your energy level. By clearing your office desk every day when your office hours are over, you will get an immediate energy boost when you start work the next day with a clean desk. Having a clean space can facilitate creativity as you won’t be distracted by useless things around you.  

Finding things in your office can be very stressful. This can simply be eliminated by being organised. It can reduce your stress level and in turn make you happier.

Get Trefoil’s range of organisation options from storage boxes, concertina files, lever arch files, expanding files and secretarial folders and much more to help you be more organised and live a better, less-stressed life! 

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