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Help Santa grow his beard


This craft is great to get the kids excited for Christmas. They’ll have fun making it and the best part is, they won’t stop adding to it till Christmas! It will be something for them to look forward to on Christmas Day along with all their gifts.
You’ll need:

Draw a large beard silhouette on a white piece of paper

Draw two small circles (to be rosy cheeks) on the pink paper.

Draw a big circle (the face) on a white piece of paper.

Draw a hat shape on the red piece of paper.

Cut out all the shapes you have drawn.

Paint the big circle, for the face, peach and draw eyes and a nose using the black paint, once the peach paint has dried.

Paint number 1- 15 on the beard sung black paint.

Using Amos craft glue, stick on the rosy cheeks (pink circles) and the hat on to the face. Glue a cotton ball to the end of the hat.

Glue the beard to the face. And help Santa grow his beard by the 25th of December by placing a cotton ball over each number as the days go by.