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Top 5 stationery must-haves for 2019:


If you love stationery as much as we do, then you won’t need much convincing for these top 5 stationery must-haves for the new year!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more fun than purchasing your favourite stationery items and organising them perfectly in a pencil bag that uniquely suits your personality. Young or old, stationery is for everyone!

If a classic HB pencil is your preference, then get yourself a M+R 2-hole sharpener with container plus you can choose from a variety of colours.

If you find yourself constantly having to correct content in pen, then you definitely need correction tape.

Add some colour to your life with 4 Stationery Highlighters. You are more likely to remember something that is highlighted over something that is not.

Do you have a tendency of forgetting the small things? Get yourself sticky notes, available in different colours for reminders for yourself.

Lastly, keep all of your notes and important documentation organised with a Smart File expanding 12 pocket Flip File.

If you have the basic pens, pencils, colour pens, ruler and a permanent marker plus all of the above, then you are all sorted for the year ahead!