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DIY Donkey Piñata


Piñata’s are a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy at a party. Fill it with treats and goodies. Learn how to make your own for every special occasion.

You will need: Method:
  1. Take your cardboard box and draw out a donkey shape, you will need two of these identical outlines.
  2. Measure out with your ruler the thickness you want for your piñata – we recommend 15cm to allow room for all the treats. These pieces will be used to enclose your piñata.
  3. With your scissors cut out the outline of your donkey shape.
  4. Tape these cardboard pieces together forming the shape; make sure you have an opening to pour your treats into.
  5. Next, cut out your colourful tissue paper in strips and stick down onto the body of your piñata creating a layered effect. Cover the whole piñata and then leave the opening for your treats last. Once you have placed your treats into the piñata, you can then finish with your tissue paper decorating.
  6. Using your permanent marker, draw eyes onto white paper for your piñata and stick them down using glue.
  7. With leftover tissue paper, create a tail for your piñata and attach it.
  8. When you have done all the above steps you can attach string with a piece of cardboard as an anchor then cut a little hole into the back of the piñata for the anchor to go inside, this will also keep it centered, now you will be able to hang your piñata where you wish.