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Studying Tips


As exam season approaches, it’s time to buckle down and get studying. Follow Trefoil’s tips to making studying easier.

  1. Ensure that your study space is clean and organised. This will keep you from getting easily distracted and also helps navigate through your work.
  2. Read and highlight through your notes. Ensure you highlight the important points so that you don’t have to memorise anything unnecessary.
  3. Write notes on the highlighted points – Use spider diagrams and points to summarise what is important.
  4. Make flash cards. Flash cards will help you remember what points fall into which category.
  5. Give yourself a study timetable so that you can work according to a timeframe.
  6. Fuel your brain with snacks. Hydrate with water too.
  7. Talk out loud. Talk to yourself in the mirror or pretend to teach your pets.
  8. Keep your phone away from you – only use it in your breaks as it is very distracting. Keep the TV off too.
  9. Do a practice tests.
  10. Sleep is very important!