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Liquid Chalk Marker Project


Whether you believe you’re an artist or not these markers will assist you in creating something beautiful! Schneider’s chalk markers are ideal for unique home projects and are easy for anyone who wants to put their creative mark on objects in their space.  

These chalk markers use water-based paint, they are quick drying and are ideal for almost any surface! If you’re using them on objects that will be outside then you’ll need to set and seal your work with some spray varnish!

Here are some simple project ideas to help get you on the creative path:

Skateboard: Create fun designs on the bottom of your skateboard! You’ll need a range of coloured chalk markers, spray varnish and a clear smooth surface to work on. Once you’ve drawn on your design, leave to dry, spray with varnish and you’re ready to go.

Cork Clock: Simply use your markers to design your unique pattern using shapes, doodles or abstract lines and marks. You’ll need a 23-30cm round slice of compressed cork, markers and your chosen clock mechanism. Once your design is dry, make a hole for the clock mechanism and your clock is ready!

Wall Art/Canvas: Make your own hangable art or simply use a space on your wall as your canvas, make sure that it’s in an area that is kept dry otherwise it will wash off, spray with varnish if a permanent outcome is desired! You’ll need a blank, smooth white canvas or wall and your selected coloured markers!