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Make Your Own Instrument


Let creativity run loose with these cool DIY instruments for the little ones to enjoy! What’s more? You’ll be recycling!


Create a drum set using an old coffee tin. Make sure the tin is empty and turn it upside down. Decorate the outside of the tin using Amos Glitter Glue and 4kids Water Colour Paint Set.


Create a guitar with a cereal box and a paper towel roll. Cut a hole at the top of the box, make sure it is big enough to fit the paper towel roll in. Secure the paper towel roll with Amos White Craft Glue. Use Trefoil Rubber Bands as the guitar strings. Decorate your guitar with Trefoil’s wide range of products!


Create castanets with cardboard and recycled bottle lids! Fold the cardboard in half and use Amos White Craft Glue to stick the lids to the cardboard. You will need two lids per cardboard.


Enjoy crafting with the kids!