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Coffee filter flower craft


Show your kids that you don’t need anything special to be an artist with these coffee filter flowers!  It’s a great activity that’s easy for anyone to do!

You’ll need:

4 coffee filters

Washable markers

Spray bottle

Scrap paper


Pipe cleaner

Craft glue

1. Stack the four coffee filters together.  Fold your stack of coffee filters into fourths.  Use the washable markers to make marks all over the folded coffee filters. Make random marks but draw them slowly so that the marker has time to saturate through the layers of coffee filters a bit. Don’t worry if you leave a few white spaces.

2. Use a spray bottle full of water to wet the folded coffee filters.  Spray them and then turn them over and spray them from the other side.  Lay them on scrap paper to dry.

3. When the filter is completely dry keep the filter folded into fourths and cut the paper.  There is no right or wrong way to cut the flower petals. 

4. Use a pipe cleaner (or half a pipe cleaner) to poke through the centre of one coffee filter.  Curl the top of the pipe cleaner over to form a little loop where the centre of the flower would be. This little loop will stop the layers of coffee filters from sliding off the end of the pipe cleaner.  You can also put a few dots of white glue around the pipe cleaner loop.  Gently fold the coffee filter around the pipe cleaner and glue.  

5. Add a few drops of glue around the bottom of the flower that created the first layer.  Poke the second coffee filter over the stem and fold down around the first layer, making sure to squeeze the bottom of the coffee filter flower where the glue meets.  Repeat this process until all filters are on the pipe cleaner.

6. Lay the flowers on their side to let the let the glue dry.  As the glue dries it will firm up creating a firmer base for the coffee filter flower.