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How Stationery Can Help You Study


Schoolwork and notes can be tough to learn from but did you ever think tweaking your pencil case might help you to study and remember information better? Many scientific studies show that colour can trigger thoughts in our minds, such as blue boosting creativity or that red increases your appetite. However using your stationery to organize information will also make it easier for your brain to recall the information quickly and easily.

Use colourful sticker tabs to mark out different chapters or sections of work. Then whilst you are reading through the work, use a highlighter in the same colour as your sticker tab to highlight the important points in the work. Then begin making your own personal notes by writing down those specific points in your own words and in point form. This will help you to remember and understand the work better and it will also make the work less overwhelming to learn. Personalizing the work also makes it more understandable and tailored to the way you think, thus it is easier to remember. Plus, it is better than learning from long boring texts of a textbook.

Remember, while you are studying colour-code your notes in accordance with the text or chapters that you are learning from. You can do this by making the heading of your chapter or section in the colour you allocated to the chapter with the tab. Then you can write key words of your notes in the colour allocated to that section. You can use either coloured pens or highlighters to distinguish key words, just remember to always coordinate the colours of your sections with your notes. That way, when you have to recall the work you will associate that section of work with a colour and thus, you will recall that work much easier! Easy! Tweak your stationery to enhance your studying ability.