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Is Stationery Still Relevant


The world is developing at an alarming rate as we venture deeper and deeper into the digital age, and the question arises – is stationery still relevant? We say yes! But then again, we might be a bit biased, so we did some searching on the Internet to back ourselves up.

If you work in an office, you might have noticed the systematic disappearance of handwriting as people seem to favour emails, typed documents and more, but we believe handwriting still has a place. This becomes evident in meeting where you’re more likely to jot down notes with a pen and paper than with a laptop. There’s a reason for that!

Writing by hand is a completely different cognitive process than typing. It requires various actions, such as feeling and moving the pen, and directing its movement with thought. You therefore think more when writing, allowing you to recall the information better.

Writing by hand is important for children as well. The above-mentioned improved recall assists them while studying, but even the simple act of learning to write is beneficial. They are essentially drawing the letter, which leads to improved recognition of letters, which could affect their proficiency in learning to read.

Continuing from this, it is thought that writing by hand can improve the content of what you’re writing. It could be that, while we have been in the digital age for many years, most adults grew up writing by hand in school and it therefore comes more naturally.

It is clear from the above that, when faced with the question, we think that stationery is still very relevant in study and work. Whether you agree or disagree, be sure to let us know what you think of this on our Facebook page!