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Mother’s Day Gift Jar


Make your mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day by creating these beautiful gift jars from the heart!

You will need:
– 1x Glass jar (any size)

Optional Crafts

– Dala glitter Glue

– Adel Fineliner Pens

– Coloured Paper

– Craft paint

Decorate the exterior of your glass jar with craft paint, glitter glue and other craft accessories that are unique to you and your mom.

For the inside of your jar, you can create hand written appreciation posts with your Adel Fineliner Pens. Place your mom’s favourite treats inside and you could even create a coupon booklet with the below ideas in mind:

– Free car wash

– Unload the dishwasher

– Help with the laundry

– Chore of your choice

– Breakfast in bed

– One big hug

To end off your jar, create a Happy Mother’s Day label!