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Autumn Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Leaf Stamping Tree


To embrace all the beautiful colours that come with Autumn, have your kids make this beautiful Autumn tree artwork using a toilet paper roll and paint! It’s very easy for younger kids to do but may need assistance cutting the toilet paper rolls.

What you’ll need:


  1. Start by cutting an empty toilet paper in half horizontally. Bend the edges to get the corners pointy and tape it together.
  2. Draw a tree with a black market (without its leaves), and paint the street truck branches using Dala Brown Paint.
  3. Take the toilet paper roll stamps you made in step one and get the little ones to dip them in their favourite Dala paint colours. Stamp around the tree branches, and maybe at the bottom of the tree to make it look like fallen leaves.
  4. Once they stamp all over the tree branches they can use a small paintbrush to colour in the leaves with paint.
  5. Once the paint is dry pick a place on the fridge or wall to hang their masterpieces!