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Schneider fineliner pens can be used for a variety of projects.


Fineliners are pens with plastic or fine fibre needle-point tips that usually contain water-based ink. The tips come in various sizes from 0.03mm to 1mm but are all relatively thin, hence the name ‘fineliner’.

When using a fine liner, you mustn’t apply too much pressure.The tip has been designed so that it can be used easily at various natural writing angles without the need for additional pressure.


Fineliners offer a thin, crisp line of cursive and a unique feel, making it perfect for writing. They can help help to make untidy handwriting more legible as it allows for more space inside and around each letter.

Sketching and drawing

When sketching in finliners, you need to accept the mistakes you make and move on, this results in a sketch full of character. These pens are also perfect for comic book creation. However, we suggest sketching in pencil first to get it just right, then go over it in pen.

Graphic design

Finerliners lend themselves perfectly to the field of graphic design and architecture because they work wonderfully with a ruler.


Ideal for all types of journaling, fineliner pens provide neat lines for creating layouts, illustrations, colour-coding, and clear handwriting.

Which fineliner should you use?

For most uses, a fineliner with water-based ink is best, because the lines are more controlled, and there’s less chance of bleeding. However, if you’re buying a fineliner to write or draw on photographs and other glossy materials, then oil-based would be a better match.