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Why Choose Schneider?


Schneider’s history runs deep within the pen manufacturing industry, starting in 1948. They started with developing their own ballpoint pen refill. By 1954, Schneider became a leading manufacturer of ballpoint, but it doesn’t stop there.

Writing instruments for everyone: whether acting as pioneers in bringing ballpoint refills to the German market, establishing the legendary K15 as the ballpoint pen for everyone, or developing the innovative Viscoglide® technology, we have changed nothing in relation to this basic concept since the start.

As an owner-managed family business, Schneider is aware of their shared responsibility to society and future generations, which is why they have based most of the manufacturing and production activities in Germany. This ensures compliance with Germany’s stringent ecological and social standards, as well as the finest product quality.

Schneider has established their purpose to launch writing instruments with characteristics that allow the users to integrate them naturally in their everyday by making their products subtly better and more comfortable.

Therefore, Schneider is continuously working on technical innovations, which improve the writing characteristics of their instruments. These include the Viscoglide Technology for smooth and gliding writing, the LiquidInk Technology for an extremely even ink flow and hybrid tips crafted with stainless steel.

Shop Schneider for quality assured writing instruments crafted with innovative material that help make your writing experience smoother and more comfortable.