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How to make your own pop-up birthday cards


If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to add to that special someone’s birthday this season, then this is an ideal card to make.

You’ll need:


  1. Fold your piece of white paper in half.
  2. Using your ruler measure 3 cm along the fold (from the right to left) and mark it, from that mark measure 5 cm along the fold and mark it, from that mark measure 4 cm and mark it and from that mark measure 3 cm and mark it.
  3. You will now have 4 measured marks along the fold of your page.
  4. Turn your page so that the fold and marked spots are on the left. Starting from the first measurement at the bottom of your page draw a 5cm line across. Move to the mark above it and draw another 5 cm line across. At the 3rd mark you’ll draw a 4cm line across and at the 4th mark draw a 3cm line across.
  5. You should have 4 lines across your page – two 5cm lines, one 4 cm line and one 3cm line.
  6. Use your scissors to cut along those lines until the end of the line.
  7. You should now have 3 blocks on your page – fold those over from left to right and press down.
  8. Open your page and gently pull each fold up so that it’s standing off the page.
  9. Close the page with the 3 pieces folded into the page and press down on the folds.
  10. When you open your page, you should see a 3-tier pop-up. The biggest one at the bottom. These 3 tiers are going to be your birthday cake!
  11. Use coloured paper, pens and markers to decorate the cake. Cut up different colours of paper to make it look like icing dripping off the cake. You can use glitter too! Cut out 0.5mm x 1cm pieces of paper and glue to the top of the cake for candles.
  12. To make the outside of the card grab a piece of coloured paper that is slightly bigger than your white piece and fold it in half. Glue the white piece of paper onto the coloured piece – make sure the folds line up! NB: Don’t glue your cake down, we want these pieces to pop out of the middle of the card when you open it.
  13. There you go! Decorate the front of your card and add your birthday wishes inside!