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DIY Paper Plate Frisbees


What do you think of when Spring arrives? Days start to get warmer; the sun shines little brighter and new flowers start to blossom! It’s the perfect time to spend outdoors, playing with your little ones and making memories.

Here we have an exciting paper plate project for your kids to try – making their very own paper plate frisbees.

You will need:

– x2 paper plates at a time

– Amos craft glue

– Markers, crayons or paint for decorating

– Scissors

– Clear tape


Step 1: Place your paper plates on a flat surface and facing as if you were going to put food on them.

Step 2: Cover the entire surface of the paper plates with clear tape. Them, cut away the excess tape.

Step 3: Turn the paper plates upside down and decorate them as you wish.

Step 4: Place both plates together, so that the decorated sides are showing.

Step 5: Cut a circle out the center of each plate.

Step 6: Lastly, place both plates, decorated side facing up on a flat surface. Using your clear tape, cover the decorated side facing outward and tape all the edges together.

Step 7: Enjoy!

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