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Cherry Blossom Painting Fun


Nothing says spring like seeing blooming flowers.

This cherry blossom painting is a fantastic spring art project for kids that gets them in excited for the longer summer days that await!



  1. Set up the paints you are going to use on your paint pallet- you can get creative and mic colours too!
  2. Turn you canvas page landscaped and paint it blue- you can mix blue with white to get a nice sky blue colour.
  3. Once the blue paint is dry, paint a horizontal branch across the page. If your child is very young you can draw the branch with a pencil and let them paint that.
  4. Attach the cotton balls into the pegs (one cotton ball per peg), to create cotton ball paint brushes.
  5. Once the branch is dried, use two shades of pink (or any colour of your choosing) dip the  cotton ball paint brushes into the paint and dab it around the branch- start with the darker shade first then move to lighter.
  6. Once the paint has dried, you can hang up your kids’ masterpieces!