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Trefoil Is Dedicated To Giving Children A Chance


Trefoil understands the importance of education and the difference that learning can make to the life of a child. In an effort to improve the lives of others Trefoil has chosen to assist Cotlands.

Cotlands is a non-profit organisation that assists vulnerable children and their families. Cotlands offers early childhood development programmes to provide care, support and development.

Trefoil donated stationery to Cotlands’ Toy Library project during the month of April 2014.  This is an ongoing project in which Trefoil and Cotlands have the goal to work together and give these children a fighting chance.  Cotlands believes that access to high quality educational opportunities will transform lives. Part and parcel of good education is having the necessary equipment to learn. Trefoil understands this and will continuously aim to provide Cotlands with high quality stationery to give their children the education they deserve.