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Everyday Uses for your Stationery that don’t include the Office!


Sometimes it feels like everything is becoming digital way too quickly! If you’re a stationery lover, just as we are, then we have some ideas for your stationery that allows you to keep it in use!

Try using staples for when you hem dresses or pants! The staples keep the material in place whereas a pin may fall out and lose your measurements!

Do you or the kids ever get a splinter whilst busy with outdoor activities? Try using sticky tape to get the splinters out! It’s less painful than using tweezers.

Print pictures and quotes and attach them to your clipboards, then stick it up on your walls as decoration.

If you cannot get something off of your walls, try using an eraser and rubbing it off – it usually works!

Paintbrushes make for great makeup brush replacements! They’re easy to clean and do just as good a job!

These are just a few tips and tricks to put your stationery to alternate use. Stationery is useful for almost anything!