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The most versatile piece of stationery – the Schneider Paint-It Marker!


If you are looking for a one-size-fits all creative marker then you’ve come to the right place – or should we say the “write” place. The Schneider Paint-It Acrylic Marker is a super versatile product.

This marker offers incredible coverage and beautiful colours that last! But, the best part, is that you can write or draw with them on almost any surface.

From the artist to the office worker this is the pen that everyone needs handy. The Schneider Paint-It Marker is perfect for abstract art, graphic designs, organisation, labelling, decoration, and more.

We’ll explore the many surfaces you can use this incredible product on and provide some inspiration for each one.


When people think of a canvas they often think of painting with acrylic paint pots and paintbrushes. A Paint-It marker is basically these 2 items combined in one nifty pen with a nib for accuracy.

Geometrical and asymmetrical art is the perfect style for these pens. Use rulers, shapes, and a carpenter’s square to draw lines and create stunning works of art. The markers can even be used over acrylic paint that has been applied with brushes for a different texture and style. Create eye-catching illustrations and pop-art drawings too with ease and accuracy that only a pen could give you.


Wood is a medium that can be found outdoors or indoors. Plenty of furniture is wooden and can be changed for the better with just a fresh coat of paint, or shall we say with a fresh coat from a paint marker.

Use Schneider’s Paint-It Markers to breathe new life into your wooden furniture. You could even try drawing on a wooden chopping board to give it a funky new feel. The best part is that the Paint-It Marker is permanent, which means your designs won’t rub off or wash away.


Glass, it’s in windows, jars, drinking bottles and so much more. Even some cabinets and drawers.

Use Schneider’s Paint-It Markers to label jars with items for organisation and easy storage. For example, your pantry can have items labelled Pasta, Sugar, Flour and more!

If you have a glass door that you don’t want anyone to bump into, you could draw a mural, for safety and a funky new look.

So many surfaces, so many uses

The options are endless when it comes to using Schneider’s Paint-It Markers. The only limit is your imagination. Use them on so many more surfaces including ceramics. You could use them to decorate a mug as a gift. They work well on metal, which is ideal for industrial organisation! The marker even adheres well to fabrics and leather.

We’re confident that no matter the industry, application or purpose, the Schneider Paint-It Marker will be an asset to your stationery collection.