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Melted Crayon Art


Do you have a habit of buying a new set of crayons every time you buy a new colouring book for your little ones and the old broken ones get forgotten? Here is an awesome Melted Crayon Art project using the old broken crayons that are not being used anymore.
You will need:
To make:
  1. Break your old crayons into smaller sizes and remove any paper/labels of the crayons.
  2. Please your canvas on a flat surface and then arrange your crayons on the canvas in the shape you wish to create.
  3. Once you are happy with the placement of your crayons, apply glue to each crayon and stick them down.
  4. Now you can blowdry away! As the crayons heat up and start to melt they will soon start to run along the canvas, creating your very own abstract art.
  5. Once the crayons are completely melted, allow your canvas to completely dry on a flat surface.
  6. When your canvas is completely dry, hang it up!